CD re-release of Nao Katafuchis first solo-album, originally released in 2015. For the CD version we added four exclusive remixes by Shade Factory, No More and Psyche plus one rare compilation track.

Nao Katafuchi is an electronic musician who creates his own world of dark romantic wave.
Growing up in the suburb of Tokyo in the 1980's, Nao spent his teenage years on the streets of Shibuya searching for instruments and records, falling in love with electronic music and inhaling everything that the district had to offer. The urban flair of Tokyo, where the growth of hi-tech industry was years ahead from the rest of the world, influenced what would later become his retro-futuristic trademark sound.
In 1991, he relocated to New York City's Lower East Side, where he started working as an audio engineer for recording production companies; picking up a guitar to later form his first electronic rock band, SUPERFORTRESS, with which he released a couple of self-produced EPs and LPs.
After years of experimenting with different sounds and scenes, Nao finally found a niche of musically kindred spirits at the legendary Wierd Record's parties, where he made his debut as Nao Katafuchi. Deeply involved in the thriving minimal synth scene of the City, together with acts such as Xeno & Oaklander, Martial Canterel, Epee Du Bois and Led Er Est – he eventually met Willie Burns of Brooklyn's WT Records, who released his first record, Yumegoto, in 2012.
In the late 2015 Nao moved his home base to Germany, and released his first full length album Émergence from Nadanna, a sister label of Germany’s Anna Logue Records. There he has settled in the darkwave scene which continues, and deeply grounded around the area of the industrial Ruhrgebiet.

CD in digipack
15 tracks - 5 bonus tracks
original master by Martin Bowes CD master by Jochen Bettgens

01 Silhouette
02 Émergence
03 Dance To The End
04 Awakening
05 Living In My Own World
06 The Lonely Kind
07 Comes To My Life
08 Ghost Town
09 Silhouette (Ohama Mix)
10 Dance To The End (Komoda Remix)
11 Masks
12 Living In My Own World (Lonely Ghost)
13 Ghost Town (DownTheAbbey - Remix by NO MORE)
14 The Lonely Kind (Psyche Remix)
15 Living In My Own World (Clubmix V.2.0)

09 remixed by Tona Ohama
10 remixed by Kevin Komoda
13 remixed by NO MORE
14 remixed by Psyche
12 & 15 remixed by Shade Factory
11 not available on the original vinyl version


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