Signal To Noise / Epoch

Construction No. 008

VUZ 10


Electro-Industrial at its best! This CD features the musical outlets of Ken H.(arc magazine, Arts Industria). Signal To Noise is a study in electronic minimalism in the EBM fashion. Whereas other studies tend to be boring, this one is far from this. Mixing hard beats with driving basses,dance-oriented percussion with techno overtones, Signal To Noise is still firmly rooted in EBM. Signal To Noise are often compared to industrial stalwarts like X Marks the Pedwalk and Front Line Assembly, close to their style but without imitating them. Epoch on the other side can be described as technoid machine marching music. It blends militaristic and thunderous percussion, symphonic strings and horns with electronic bass and stylings. The Epoch material is all instrumental and an experiment to combine classical instrumentation within the world of light, electronic dance music. The result was often compared to the output of groups like Laibach, In The Nursery and Dead Can Dance, only with more emphasize on dancefloor compability. "...a lot of potential..." (Crewzine, SL), "Essential for your electronicculture!" "To discover absolutely!" (Side-Line Elektrozine, BE)


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