Various Artists

New Forms Of Entertainment Vol.1 - Cybernoise

VUZ 01


This Neuromantic compilation is opened by D.A.R.P.A., well known for his work in the occult tribes Mental Measuretech and Phallus Dei and his numerous solo-works. He brings us some happy Sense/Net Muzak tunes that will make your implants dance. Just when you think it is a safe pleasure to listen to NFE 1, Dive will rip your circuits. 3 exclusive tracks from ex-Klinik member and Industrialdance mastermind Dirk Ivens reveal the more experimental side of this Cyberspace-Cowboy. Moments before your internal memory melts down furious Wumpscut appears and gives you the rest. Your meekly body will dance to the Hard Body-Beats of the Bavarian-Techno-Force of Wumpscut.