Michael Idehall Sol (expanded)

Michael Idehall Sol (expanded)
CD-R on Bastet Recordings (BR023)
includes a 12 page booklet with texts for each track

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Michael Idehall Sol (expanded)

The term Seancetronica has been adopted in order to describe a particular method of esoteric music technology, which is related to the Draconian current of sorcery in its ideology, procedure, and cosmology. Seancetronica is a synthesis of the words 'seance' and 'electronica', since it contains elements of both, but is itself something completely different. The term does not exclude or include any specific music, but is rather a means of formulating and exploring esoteric concepts that have existed for some time within the creative occult milieu.

The Sorcery of Sound
"First of all you must use your ears to take some of the burden off your eyes. We have been using our eyes to judge the world since the time we were born. We talk to others and to our selves mainly about what we see. A warrior is aware of that and listens to the world. He listens to the sounds of the world. "
- Carlos Castaneda, A Separate Reality -
From the perspective of Draconian sorcery, the universe is not first and foremost a place of solid objects, but rather a place of vibrating energies. Our consciousness can be viewed as residing at a nexus, or point of assemblage for several modes of vibrating energy, and this is also where our experience of perception originate. For the purpose of sorcery you manipulate the vibratory modes, and how your assemblage point relate to them, in order to affect your perception in a desired manner. Mankind's mundane sight and much of our sensory apparatus operates by means of storing and recalling information from our memory. It is believed that sight is a relatively modern evolutionary invention and it therefore operates somewhat differently to our auditory system. When dealing with the temporal dimension, the configuration of our consciousness tends to make us liminal in relation to the three states of time (past, present and future), because we can seldom experience a present before it has passed through our memory, and we cannot perceive ourselves as living in the past, nor the future. Active listening however, is a method that brings us very close to a sense of 'now', and therefore enables us to penetrate the nexus of space and time that keeps the assemblage point of our consciousness locked in place. The aim of Seancetronica is not only to document a sorcerous state of mind related to a set of initiatory principles, but also to describe the way into a magical energy configuration, to enable the listener to recreate the experience for themselves. Graphical artists like A.O. Spare documented sorcerous mindsets and included sigilised doorways in much the same manner, but in Seancetronica the sigils are included as audial gestures rather than glyphs.

The Sorcery of Machines
Machines and electronic devices could be regarded as the manifestations of intent. They exist as the physical form of a concept of function. The techniques of construction have evolved through the ages and with them the refinement and complexity of the machines and often the ideas which they reflect. The feature which holds the most relevance in these matters is the dynamic system which can contain intent. In humans it is the subtle nervous system which is a network for distributing and exchanging information between the different parts of the body, and in machines it depends on the device that channels the functional momentum; in a computer it would be the electronic circuits, and in a buss it would be the engine and all the mechanical parts that are involved in propelling the vehicle. They are really ingenious models of the forces of nature and that is also a clue to the mystery. In nature the different forces are responsible for change as they flow from a source of excess to a point of exhaustion. Magic is the art of change and it moves with the natural forces even though they must not be confused for one another. What these systems provide is dynamism; the ability to facilitate the charge between two points of opposition. This charge is the force or Shakti upon which one can apply ones will. In ceremonial magic one of the key procedures to execute ones will is that of the symbolic acting out of the events which one intends to occur. The ritual is an occult method to shape the mind of the sorcerer into a point where it focuses solely on the subject of the working, but the ritual is not the magic. When using a machine for magical purposes it is not required that the machine is prepared in any specific manner, but just like the ritual is used in accordance to the relevant tradition, the customising of the devices will contribute to the focusing of the intent of the sorcerer and the magical machine on the subject of the working.